Why Hire Editing for Your Purpose?

7 Ways We're Different—& Better

Correcting your errors well is where good editing begins and we’ve got your back. My very first editing client would’ve used “secrete” when she meant “secret”—an embarrassing gaffe MS Word missed as both are correctly spelled words. My goal is to educate you along the way; you can count on explanations along with my edits. In addition to an eagle eye for editing, I recently upped my editing skills by taking Linda Stirling of the The Publishing Circle’s 6-week Professional Editing Course. Linda shared her best tips gained over 40 years in the publishing industry—a game-changer for me.

Most editors don’t ask questions about who your intended audience is because they didn’t spend decades as a professional communicators in corporate America. I did, for top Fortune companies like Hewlett-Packard and Intel. Sometimes I was wooing Wall Street Journal financial wonks. Other times I trying to sell to soccer moms—or—toughest of all—a cynical sales force. Different folks relate and respond to different approaches. My job is clarifying that with my clients up front and making sure through the editing process the tone and manner makes sense for their chosen audience.

I began my career at a direct-response advertising agency, where we worked with every client to decide who they wanted to reach, what would prompt their prospect to respond, and how to determine which respondents were the most qualified. I use those same skills with my editing clients, asking in the beginning what the ideal end result is, and where that fits into what they or their business wants to accomplish overall. As the old adage goes “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably wind up someplace else.” I make sure your writing hits its mark.

My job as an editor is to make sure you look and sound your best, in your voice, reflecting your personality. You are the writer, and I understand and respect how hard that job can be. As your editor, I will let you know when your communication is unclear or grammatically incorrect, but I never forget my clients are the boss and have the final say.

Smooth transitions keep readers engaged, from start to finish. As an editor, I bring fresh eyes to how your story unfolds. It’s my job to spot when your ideas get lost or misplaced somewhere along the way, or there’s anything missing, muddied, or irrelevant.

Before we start, we discuss what you need, when you need it and what it will cost. I will ask for a sample of your writing up front to verify it can be edited within three passes by your desired timeline. I never miss a deadline.

I believe the best work comes as a result of good relationships. My clients are friends who hire me because they know I will exceed their expectations. My new clients become my friends because nothing delights me more than happy, successful clients. I’m in it for the long haul. I still have my first client from 2010, and I’m pleased to count her among my friends.

What My Editing Clients Say

What matters most to Editing for Your Purpose? Satisfied clients.

Jocelyn Fitzgerald editing client testimonial
Jocelyn Fitzgerald, EMDR & Art Therapist

I can’t say enough about how wonderful it is to work with Dana! I’ve worked with her now on several different projects and I’m always blown away by the way she helps me to create content that really reflects who I am. She’s helped me to modify several of my bios for projects that I’ve worked on. When we work together, she truly listens to me and sees what I want to accomplish in the projects, then she beautifully helps me to execute on the final project. Whatever twists and turns my career takes in this new and uncertain future I know I will always rely on Dana as a part of my team. She is well worth the investment in your career and future.

J. R. Armstrong
I learned a lot while working with Dana Greyson. She is thorough and professional. She helped with any questions I had and always got back to me in a timely manner. Went above and beyond. It was great working with her.
Connie Dorigan, Executive Recruiter
& Career Coach

Dana is an editor who always keeps me focused of the “why” of everything I publish, which, I find is a unique trait in an editor.  Although she has a knack for proofreading and catching typos, her real value add is her ability to quickly understand my audience, helping me articulate the result I hope to achieve with each publication and guides my writing to achieve that goal.  With her guidance and editorial suggestions my publications (blogs) always exceed industry standards, between 25% to 50% for open rate and engagement for my target audience. We have worked together for years and as a result I’ve become a stronger, more confident writer.  I’ve found my voice in written form.  I highly recommend Dana Greyson.

Jule Meyer Editing for Your Purpose testimonial
Jule Meyer, Fundraiser, Leadership Trainer & Grantwriter for Nonprofits

As a fundraiser, I value clear and compelling data and storytelling that moves prospective donors. Dana knows how to skillfully organize information so the sum of those two persuasive writing elements is far more impactful than their parts. (E.g. Some donors are motivated by the head, some by the heart, and some by both). 

She is a strong editor, exacting in improving grammar, syntax, word choice, and rhythm. She is collaborative by nature and asks critical questions so the end result is a product that effectively impacts the intended target audience.

In sum, it’s always fun working with Dana because she is so positive, quick and supportive.

With [Dana's] guidance and editorial suggestions my publications (blogs) always exceed industry standards, between 25% to 50% for open rate and engagement for my target audience.


When Not Editing

Dana is drawn to the road less traveled. 

When she shared a Vanuatu supply ship berth with a pig, the pig secured prime bench seating. Dana ended up on the floor. 

She still enjoyed the trip, or, at least, arriving.

Editing Experience

  • 20+ years corporate communication experience in high tech (primarily Hewlett-Packard & Intel) 
  • Freelance editing since 2010—blogs, newsletters, guides, articles, proposals, brochures, bios, resumes, web content
  • Clients primarily in professional services

& More

  • Digitally-savvy: Dec 2019 completed Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP) course
  • Published: 100+ articles: health, relationships, travel, personal finance, legal
  • Organized: extensive project management experience
  • Collaborative: Certified mediator